Yoga Planet’s Yoga@Work corporate program will send a certified instructor to your office to lead an on-site yoga class for employees.

Yoga Mat and Straps

The instructor will create a fun and comfortable atmosphere for employees to practice alongside one another.  Each class is customizable to meet the specific needs of each office and their employees.  Employees taking part in Yoga@Work will feel healthier, be happier, and work harder.


Customized Classes

  • Many styles of yoga to choose from

  • Multiple teachers to choose from


Benefits of Yoga@Work

  • Happy, energized employees are more productive and remain with the company longer.

  • Healthy, less stressed employees don’t take sick days as often.

  • Calmer employees improve customer service and improve the corporate culture

  • Yoga@Work as part of a wellness program can reduce health insurance costs

  • Any company taking part in Yoga@Work will have special benefits given to their employees.  When your employees visit the studio they will receive 15% off regularly-priced class packages and retail items.



Classes are $125 per 1 hour class - we recommend offering a weekly class for a minimum of 10 weeks to foster a commitment and allow employees to see the benefits for themselves.  We can create a custom contract for classes that meet your organization's unique needs.

How Do I Get Started?

Contact Celia to learn more to sign up today!


Phone: 248-375-3070