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Inspired by the flow of seasonal change and societal changes each session will address the common issues each of us face.  With the colder weather coming, school starting, and the holiday season approaching, we will balance this energy by first increasing our strength and resiliency and then begin to ground as we move deeper into the cold winter months.  Yoga has the added benefits of supporting our immune system - by reducing stress, and by regulating your circulatory, endocrine, and lymphatic systems.  This is more needed today than ever before.  


September (Sept 21- Oct 18)— This session we will address tightness in areas we tend to hold onto as we face new beginnings. Focus will be on creating flexibility and releasing stress.

October (Oct 19 -  Nov 15)—  This session we will focus on poses that energize and create strength.  This month’s classes are a journey through slow, strong and fluid, mindful sequences  - to help channel the erratic, fast moving, airy Vata energy of this season into stillness.

November  (Nov 16 -  Dec 20) excluding the week of Thanksgiving)— Grounding as we begin to turn inward for the winter.  We will incorporate forward bends into our classes to help root ourselves as we face the holiday season.


Please Read Carefully before Registering

In order to get a discount for multiple classes in Mindbody, please sign up and complete payment for one session  or the whole 12 weeks.  There are 4 schedules for each class, one for each session and one for the entire 12 weeks.


If you want to sign up for another session or another class, then go to the enrollment tab and select the other session or class - you can use the drop down menus at the top right to select a class or teacher to find a class more quickly. When you click the enroll button, the system should apply a 10% discount.  If you are signing up for 3 classes a week, please contact us so we can apply the 20% discount.  Please see the chart below for pricing.  


As a reminder, the sessions will be held live on zoom and will be recorded.  In case you are unable to attend the class in person, you will receive all 4 recordings to view during the 4 week session.  You can even watch the recording multiple times during the 4 weeks!  The recording will be available after each class. 


The class sessions will run from 

September 21- October 18

October 19 - November 15th and 

November 16th through December  20th with the week of November 23rd - November 29 off for Thanksgiving.

Pricing for classes:


1 Class per week per session   $60 ($15/class)

2 classes per week per session $114 ($14.25/class)

3 classes per week per session $144 ($12/class)***


If you commit to the entire 12 weeks:


1 class per week $168 ($14/class)

2 classes per week $319 ($13.3/class)

3 classes per week $396 ($11/class)***




*** Please call or email to receive this discount

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